A healthy start for Mom and Baby


The first few months after your child is born heavily influence your long term health.Weber Physical Therapy is trained to work with you on ergonomic modifications to prevent recurring pain caused by lifting, holding and caring for your child. We encourage you to bring you child along for your visits as we will also provide developmental education, strategies and exercises aimed at helping both mother and baby safely build core stength and muscle tone.

Package includes 4 visits:

Visit 1 - Pre or Post-Partum Consult for Pregnancy Related Discomfort

Visit 2 - Individualized Strengthening Program and Injury Prevention along with Education on Infant & Child Motor Milestones

Visit 3 - 3 Month Follow-up for Mom & Baby

Visit 4 - 6 Month Follow-up for Mom & Baby

Total Cost of this Package: $500
(Accepting insurance for this package)

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