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What is Physical Therapy?

Physical Therapy is treatment provided by a licensed health care professional who can help patients reduce pain and improve or restore mobility. In many cases this can be done without expensive surgery and often reducing the need for long-term use of prescription medications and their side effects. At Weber Physical Therapy the Physical Therapists go beyond the standard course of care and provide advanced Manual Therapy techniques to facilitate a faster recovery.


What kind of treatment do you do?

Weber Physical Therapy specializes in the utilization of Manual Therapy as it integrates into standard PT practice. This consists of treatments that patients cannot do themselves. The extensive training that Kyle has undergone allows him to use techniques that standard Physical Therapy might not incorporate. Each patient receives an individual assessment of identifying the source of their pain or dysfunction and the underlying cause to prevent the reoccurrence of their symptoms. This will determine what treatment needs to be provided in a detailed explanation to each patient.


Do I need a referral (prescription)?

No, but it is recommended for insurance purposes. In the state of Wisconsin Physical Therapists can directly see patients without a referral due to Direct Access. To ensure that your insurance claim will get paid, we advise you to get a referral for Physical Therapy from a Physician (MD or DO), Advanced Practice Nurse Practitioner, Podiatrist, Physician Assistant, Dentist or Chiropractor. If you do not have a current Primary Care Physician we are happy to recommend options that best suit your needs.


How long are the appointments?

Typical treatment times run for an hour. For the initial examination please arrive 15 minutes early to complete paperwork. Once the plan of care is established, it will be determined if you would require more or less than a standard 60 minute appointment.


How much does an appointment cost?

The cash rate for a one hour consultation or follow-up visit is $150. If Physical Therapy services are billed to insurance then each visit will reflect the services provided that treatment. These rates are then billed to your insurance company at a negotiated rate and the patient will be responsible for the amount determined by your specific plan.


Does my insurance cover physical therapy services?

Weber Physical Therapy is in network with most major insurance carriers. Every plan is different and your coverage is determined by what you or your employer has elected for your health care needs. The best way to ensure you understand the cost of services is to call 612-220-5361. We will gather your insurance information prior to your appointment so you will know the costs and not receive an unexpected medical bill. A full list of carriers is coming soon.


What should I wear?

Patient's should wear clothing that allows access to the body region that will be examined. For example, wearing shorts or loose fitting pants to allow access to the knee or a shirt/top with the ability to roll up sleeves to access the shoulder. For runners and sports performance bring your running shoes and any workout shoes you may wear for training.

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